Building Professional Wardrobe/Workwear Wardrobe!


Every morning when you are getting ready for work, the question which comes to your mind is “What do I wear?”, Some days it’s an easy answer. Maybe that pure cotton saree online should’ve been bought! Some days it becomes confusing; designer blouses for women or stylish bottoms for women? To be honest, some days are terrible, you can’t even answer it…!

And we all, often, suffer from the “I Don’t have anything to wear” Syndrome…

Relatable much??

The good news is you can build your professional wardrobe and save time, effort, and some money too.

Look at you, your “work wear” outfits through a whole new lens with Indyvarna, the hub of best sarees online, stylish bottoms for women or blouses for women. 

Indyvarna is your tool for the success that you are longing for.

So your work wardrobe is your friend in need. It shows how serious you are about your work, and it beautifully and positively adds layers to your personality and your aura.

Here are 5 simple steps to build your professional wardrobe.

Cotton Sarees Online Shopping

1. Discover your personal style:

Your style speaks volumes about you and your personality, without uttering a word. Predominantly your style is derived from your culture, your beliefs, and your environment. Depending on your body type, your personality type, nature of work, and of Couse your liking of a particular style. Everything put together becomes your “Personal Style”. It can be Indian, Western, or Indo-Western.

Indyvarna provides you with tips about how to wear a particular outfit in different ways based on your personal style. This is what makes us one of the best online shopping sites for clothes.

pure cotton sarees online

Do your Wardrobe Analysis

  • Choose a convenient day and gear up to analyze your own wardrobe.
  • Discard / put aside the clothing items that you are not wearing for 6 months (trust me, the chances of you wearing them are very slim)
  • Keep your goals in mind while analyzing your wardrobe, Personal as well as professional.

Best Online Shopping Sites For Clothes

3. Identify the gaps in your wardrobe

Based on your goals, identify the missing items and make a shopping list. It could be pure cotton sarees, printed cotton sarees, blazer sets for women, stylish bottoms for women, blouses for women or even lingerie. Ensure that the clothing items that you identify to shop for are based on your personal style. Be it professional sarees, blazers, blazers with Indian prints, or Indo- Western workwear essentials, choose what you are comfortable with.

Best Online Shopping Sites For Clothes

Be versatile
  • Add colors to your wardrobe- accent colors such as Red, Green, Blues, and Pinks and use your creativity to mix and match styles
  • Keep an eye on fashion trends but always buy more classic pieces which can never go out of fashion.

Best Online Shopping Sites For Clothes

5. Set your wardrobe
  • Arrange it in such a way – that it should be handy, and available, and you should be seeing your clothing items almost every day.
  • Categorize it based on the purpose. Professional wear. Casualwear, Sportswear, etc.
Have Patience- It takes time to build a great wardrobe…The effort will be worthwhile.


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